D-OAK Interior Solutions, a well known and fast growing Interior design firm based in Calicut, Kerala, is known for its thoughtful approach to design and its sharp attention to details, quality and finishing. Using the finest materials, latest in innovations and the most precise craftsmanship we deliver projects and products that are designed to exceed your expectations. Founded in 2007, our success is built on a strong track record of meticulously planned design solutions and bespoke properties for our clients.

With over Ten years of experience in the field of residential and commercial interior design and contracting, we are suitably equipped to handle a wide array of projects. D-OAK is a one stop shop for every commercial or residential interior design solution and its execution.

D-Oak owns a well equipped manufacturing unit with advanced technology machineries and highly skilled craftsmen, guided by an exclusive furniture designer. Having well experienced designers at the helm of this company, and with owned manufacturing unit we are able to provide the products at a very competitive price. This structure is what makes us unique amongst our competitors, giving us greater control over the project delivery and greater peace of mind for you. D-Oak evaluates its success through its commitment to elevate brand image and improve workplace conditions for clients. D-Oak Provides Imaginative designs, Professional Engineering support, Strong coordination, skilled labors with seamless process, Well Grounded Brawny Delivery, Dedication and commitment. During our initial meet, we will be eager to hear your ideas and expectations. D-Oak team will then coordinate your expectations with our ideas and jointly we will make certain that the design of your home is fresh, creatively inspired, one-of- kind and visually appealing.